Wendy Ross

Wendy Ross

National Trainer

Wendy Ross has more than two decades of experience compassionately involved in helping teachers, therapists and clients understand complex issues.  She brings to her training in classroom management an earlier background as a clinical therapist and psychiatric social worker, which required working with some of the most difficult behavioral issues among clients as well as training and guiding other therapists.

As Nationally Certified Trainer for Time to Teach©, Wendy is able to offer educators methods for managing the classroom and handling discipline problems in ways that strengthen teacher effectiveness, utilizing techniques thoroughly research-based, practical, and widely used with success by numerous teachers and educators. In addition, her methods can be applied to both primary- and secondary-education levels.

In all that she does, Wendy’s focus is always on customer satisfaction, which means offering approaches that are effective and comfortable for the teacher and that show compassion for the student. In addition to techniques for refocusing the students to stay on task and using different class formations for maximal student engagement, Wendy understands that students will care more about what the teacher tells them when they can see that the teacher cares about them, using contingent and non-contingent approaches to exhibit that care to the student.

Before becoming associated with Time to Teach©, Wendy worked for many years as Senior Clinical Therapist with Riverside University Health System/Behavioral Health, where she was the senior trainer for therapists, contract providers, interns, and trainees, creating learning tools and providing program and on-line training. In addition, she also provided consultation to staff and proactively initiated crisis intervention, and in the absence of the Program Manager for Mental Health Services, she was acting supervisor in charge. Wendy also helped develop an interdisciplinary committee focused on ensuring the most productive working environment.

Earlier, she was a Psychiatric Social Worker with the California Department of Mental Health, conducting assessments, developing treatment plans and providing individual and group therapy for patients with a wide range of behavioral issues while also consulting with staff, preparing detailed reports, and participating in meetings, committees, trainings, and conferences.

Wendy is a graduate of Wayne State University and Oakland University.





  • Former Educator
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • Graduate Oakland University
  • Graduate Wayne State University
  • Current Student Arizona State University
  • Former Employee at Riverside University Health System